Refund Policy

We are committed to quality products and services. We prioritize the satisfaction of all consumers fairly . To achieve that we strive to provide the best servants and establish fair and just rules.

Guarantee Period

We do not accept refunds more than 30 days after purchasing the products.

Warranty Coverage

We guarantee the quality of apparel materials and DTG printed images. Other matters, please contact us at

Buyer Error

We use a computerization system in processing sales and production because our product is in the form of mass custom production, so human intervention is very limited by the system to ensure fast and perfect production flow.

We strongly recommend to provide shipping data as accurate as possible, double-checking the order to ensure the correct color, size and shipping address.

All errors caused by data errors provided by the consumer are entirely the responsibility of the consumer. There is no guarantee from us for this.

Buyer error in writing the shipping address so that the shipping service company (UPS & USPS) returns the package sent to us, in that case the CONSUMER HAS NO RIGHT TO REQUEST A MONEY REFUND.
In that case also we will not send the product back to consumers.
The package containing the returned product will be donated directly to social company.
So that the case is considered finished because of buyer error.


Please make sure all about your order is corrects. We can not accept the cancellation when the order has been completed payment. Please understand that we use the Just In Time Stock System. We only produce items when there are orders. We use a computer system where ordering and paying to vendors automatically and just in time when you complete payment.